Stockholm - Copenhagen/Malmö

Hello everyone!

I am looking for someone that drives often to Copenhagen/Malmö. Could be monthly basis or twice a month. I travel so often and if I could find someone to share a ride with that would be perfect. I am vaccinated and will respect your drive for the whole trip. If you want to talk, I can be talkative but if you prefer a quiet drive, I can just also remain quiet. So, if anyone here is traveling to Malmö/Copenhagen/Lund in the next few weeks, please ping me. I hope I’ll find one!

Have a nice day everyone.

Mary (

Hi Mary,
I will start commuting Malmö-Copenhagen from November the 1st and I’m evaluating my options.
Have you already found someone?what are your necessities (timing, frequency etc.)?
I will need to travel almost everyday (at least during the firsts months) and I live in Malmö (Västra hamnem).
Best Regards,