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Enablers / Underlättare

We are a participatory driven nonprofit movement. We rideshare together and we make the movement together. Participants from the movement who help out on their spare time are called “Underlättare” in Swedish (or “enablers” in English).

Good to know: As a movement we are all participants and we all enable ridesharing by participating (so it goes without saying that enablers are not leaders, experts or above or below other participants).

  • Underlättare / enablers have the text “Underlättare” next to their name here in the forum. You can use the message function in the forum to message them within the forum. Press their name and then “message”.
  • You find our enablers in the group @Underlattare
  • You can also e-mail enablers as a group on
  • Do you want be an enabler? Yey! :tada: E-mail and we’ll introduce you!

Doing stuff together! Samarbeta

We love to do projects, fun stuff, workshops, lectures and more together! We have since the start in 2007 among many things worked together with over 40 municipalites in Sweden, done lectures for multiple universities and celebrated The International Ridesharing Day in more than 17 countries. The Swedish word for for this is “samarbeta”.

  • E-mail if you want to do stuff together with us:

Press contact


Samåkningsdagen / The International Ridesharing Day

More information about Samåkningsdagen / The International Ridesharing Day is found in the category Samåkningsdagen / Ridesharing Day.

General contact:

The nonprofit association

The nonprofit association is “the legal person” (juridisk person in Swedish) that in the same maner as the above enable for things the movement wants to do. Read more in the category “Föreningen”. Contact to Skjutsgruppen ideell förening, the nonprofit association Skjutsgruppen:

  • General e-mail:

The board of the nonprofit association 2023

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