About The International Ridesharing Day

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The International Ridesharing Day is celebrated all over the world on a Friday in October every year. The day puts focus on the benefits of ridesharing:

  • It’s better for the environment to ride together in the same vehicle rarther than in one vehicle each.
  • It’s more economical to ride together and share the costs.
  • Ridesharing is a fun activity that literally brings us closer to each other.

Started in 2008

The International Ridesharing Day is founded by Mattias Jägerskog, @Mattias here in the forum, who is also the founder of the non-profit ridesharing movement Skjutsgruppen. The very first International Ridesharing Day was celebrated in the town of Örebro in Sweden 2008, where Mattias travelled around town on a bus with two friends and had a “fika” (a Swedish word for a coffee break with something sweet).

Due to tradition The International Ridesharing Day has since 2008 been celebrated “on a Friday in October”. Which Friday it is decided every year collaborativly by the movement. Since 2008 the day has been celebrated in 17 different countries across the world.

International names:

Some parts of the world use a local name of The International Ridesharing Day, in combination with the English “The International Ridesharing Day”.

  • Swedish - Samåkningsdagen
  • Spanish -
  • French -
  • German -

This article is being updated