Exercise with the Chalmers students, 2021-04-15

Co-creation and participation in mobility

International course for Chalmers University of Technology. Above is the map where we all drew where we’re from.

We have today talked about the importance of co-creation and participation in the mobility field.

People need to be able to decide on what we shall do, why we do it and how we do it - and after that be part of the creation, belong to it and do it, realize it, together. Like in ridesharing: we make decisions about the ridesharing as equals and then we rideshare as equals.

In that way people are both co-creators and participants. They both belong to the result and have responsibility for the result.

Your mission is:

  1. As a group, choose something that has to do with mobility, “a mobility field”. Find inspiration in the list we looked at in class
  2. Write 700 characters about how you would change the mobility field you have chosen so people would be able to both make decisions (co-create it), be part of it (belong) and do this field together (participate in it and realize it).
  3. At 10.50, paste your 700 characters as a new entry below and return to the Zoom-meeting.
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  • People should be able to have an influence on the departure schedules
  • Based on a mobile app
  • People can enter the times when they will travel for example to work, school, university, and the schedules can be adapted accordingly.
  • Monthly vote: before the month starts, you can select the times and locations where you want to go. So the public transportation company knows the “bottlenecks”
  • More busses in specific slots, where the demand is higher, like if there is a special event that many people will attend (e.g. football game).

Add-on of our app:

  • you can specify (in the mobile app) if you want to board between two stations if that is on the route
  • you can enter if you have special needs e.g. wheelchair, stroller

@Stefan @jesperl

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Private car sharing
We would like to reduce the number of cars by providing a platform for people that already own a car and give them a possibility to find other parties to share it with. At the same time, we give the opportunity to parties/people who are thinking about buying a car to be a part-owner of the car.
Which would have as an effect that fewer cars are in traffic and more parties could spend less on buying a car that is not fully utilized. The cost will be split among the owners.
The car owner can decide on the availability of the car and how much the costs would be which can lead to negotiations with the parties that are interested, thus they can make decisions and become an active participant.

From Christofer, John & Linus

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UniExpress (Trains for the future)

Moving goods trains. Individuals / private consumers may book/rent a trolley to be able to take their belongings with them for longer moves. E.g. if a person is moving to Chalmers to study but wants to travel cheaply and climate-smart, moving freight trains may work as a good alternative. This has, for example, proven to work when Harry and his friends move to Hogwartz. This idea creates community, social contexts and the opportunity for associations/committees to introduce themselves to all new students on the train. If all universities are located in the countryside, most students need to get there. This is why moving freight trains work, which we call "UniExpress". The way of the future to move.


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Shared Parking:
Our idea sharing parking spaces is about people offering their parking spaces when not in use. An app to post the unused parking slots, so people who around that area could use them temporarily.
To grow our idea we would make use of different tools. First of all it is important to be present on social media so we’d create an Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. On those platforms it is important to interact with the people. This means asking them directly for feedback or ideas which can be sent in via direct message. Furthermore the team will organise events like presentations or discussions or just parties to be able to interact with the users and also invite people to volunteer.
(Neeharika and Stefan)

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Co-created bus routes. Imagine having a few bus lines per week, whose routes can be designed by people in the previous days. For example, if there are no direct routes between A and B, where B is a location that a lot of people would like to go to during a specific time (e.g. grocery shopping) or day (e.g. event). Through a webpage they will be able to decide upon this, and then they will be able to participate by travelling with said bus to said location. Either you could have a partnership with the local public transport, or the community could include people who can drive buses.

Other ideas (not connected to the above idea)

  • Customizable train waggons. One or two trains per week that are built/constructed by users, that decide which wagons typology (e.g. for bike, for luggage, for boxes,…). The wagons are modulabile and built by users before departure.

  • Sharing cargo-bikes: ”I have this route to do grocery”, ”If you can take my box and give to another person to the route, it would be splendid”. (This could also work for Skjutsgruppen but for cars)

By Andrea and CD

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We would like to change the mobility industry by allowing people, organizations and businesses to share their parking spaces. The idea could be implemented by creating a platform in an app and would allow for people to share their parking spaces when they aren’t using them themselves. This would allow for a win-win situation where people owning parking spaces could either share the costs or offer the space for free and people in need of a parking space could be able to book one close to their destination for a set price. The idea is to provide for people to offer both long and short term parking. Further, we would like to complement this with a ridesharing offering to decrease the number of cars in need of a parking space.

@Jean @Tianshu

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From Car Owning to car Co-Owning
Our idea starts from the observation that a lot of car owners want to own a vehicle but sometimes do not use it on a daily basis. Car Owners could decide to share the ownership of their vehicles by sub-renting them to other users for temporary periods.
It’s up to the original car owner to decide how much time they want to allocate to the shared service. It’s also up to the owner to set the price for the rental.
The sub-users should “sign up” on a certain amount of time that they want to be a part of the service. Perhaps this could be specified to a certain vehicle as well. Sub-users could also decide together with the owners the location to drop-off the car.
The service could work well in both urban areas as well as suburban areas.


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We’ve came up with the idea of sharing sailing trips, rides and boats. This would replace flights and ferry trips, reduce the amount of trips that are done alone and let more people experience the joy of sailing. The participants are private owners, sailing experts, travellers and interested people. The community could be extended by sailing organizations.

Make decisions: Choose destination, duration and participants and the aim of the trip (non-talkative, talkative).
Be part of it: Create a community in social media in which the participants can share their interests, preferences, experiences and knowledge. People then can connect with likeminded people and people who own boats.
Participation: You can set up a trip or join a trip. You can discuss on and talk about a trip

@jonasseg @Grigorios @Veronika

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As a group:

  • Take one part from one idea
  • Take another part from another idea

Use the “quote” function in the forum to quote the ideas.

Combine these two parts to a new idea! Write the new idea beneath the two quotes.

You may remix more than two ideas if you want.

This idea together with shared parking could be combined into a solution for an everyday problem many people face during the summer/holiday seasons. Finding a parking spot for boats can be both tricky and very expensive during week 29 in Marstrand, Smögen and Lysekil (our hometowns <3), thus we found this solution to benefit the tourism and the environment. As well as business purposes. / Sanji & @Agnes

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Our New Idea: The new idea revolves around enlarging the community (not only car Owner and Co-Owners but also to other users). Our car co-owning idea together with the park-sharing idea could contribute to create a new service: since car co-owning will mean that the car will be out of the parking space most of the times so this could be combined with the idea of sharing parking spaces when not in use. Therefore we would need a common platform where car owners and co-owners can share the vehicle while all the other users can use the free parking spot.
@sandyi @Maxan

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Based on these quotes we thought of an app where people can sell or give away food instead of throwing it away, when leaving town. For instance,

This will lead to a more


Christofer & Linus

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Idea: Come up with an efficient schedule of parking place sharing with the time demanded by collecting and coordinating the users’ schedule for work, school, etc. This way, more than one participant can join a place provided by one owner.

Idea: Add a new function for the users who want to share the ownership of cars, especially for those who share high similarity of commuting routes and schedules.

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Our idea is to combine these two concepts by sharing a private car (mini-vans) for specific purposes e.g. trip to IKEA, construction market, monthly big grocery shopping.

@Stefan @jesperl

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From the above parts, we create the idea below:

  • Co-created public transport among buses, trains and trams: Monthly, citizens register the destinations (or general areas, due to privacy) that they will want to visit, and what special needs they have (e.g. wheelchair). The community organizes, themselves or with local public transport company, so that these connections are deployed and communicated on social media channels so that people know when and where these buses are available. The ticket price for the price is dynamic depending on how many voted for that specific route (i.e. if many people voted for it, it can be expected that many people will use the bus, thus covering the costs).

Andrea and CD

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Our new idea is about reducing the impact of individual car mobility. That means freeing up available parking slots and reducing the infrastructure for cars in cities. We’ll combine car sharing and parkingslot sharing in one application. The users can share their weekly schedule or ask for a car or parkingslot on demand. Our idea includes private persons as well as supermarkets, companies and organizations. Additionally we connect this idea with enabling public transportation. The fee for a car and a parkingslot needs to be fair, transparent and an incentive for the users. The cars and the parkingslots can be co-owned by a group of people. It is also possible to become a sub-owner for a certain time.

@jonasseg @Veronika @Grigorios

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