Göteborg, Sweden - The International Ridesharing Day 2021 - Samåkningsdagen

Time to celebrate The International Ridesharing Day in Göteborg again!

This year we will have a fika on the Llama Lloyd café, on the subject of ridesharing and democratizing mobility in Göteborg.

Date: October 29
Time: 13.30

Find your way to the café:
Café Llama Lloyd is located on Väderkvarnsgatan 16a, close to Kvilletorget. See the map:

Do you want to do something more in Göteborg to celebrate the International Ridesharing Day 2021? Write it below!

By the way, this above photo from Andra Långgatan always makes me happy. It’s from where the local group of Skjutsgruppen here in Gothenburg handed out 1000 cinnamon rolls for free, to celebrate the Ridesharing Day in 2015. More photos here.

Looking forward to celebrate The International Ridesharing Day with you!

In Swedish

Dags att fira Samåkningsdagen i Götet igen!

I år kommer vi träffas på café Llama Lloyd och prata samåkning och att demokratisera mobilitet här i Göteborg.

Datum: 29 Oktober
Tid: 13.30

Hitta till caféet:
Café Llama Lloyd ligger på Väderkvarnsgatan 16a, nära Kvilletorget. Se kartan:

Har du något mer du vill göra för att fira Samåkningsdagen i Göteborg? Skriv en kommentar här under!

Förresten, fotot här ovan gör mig alltid glad. Det är från Andra Lång när lokalgruppen av Skjutsgruppen här i Göteborg delade ut 1000 gratis bullar för att fira Samåkningsdagen 2015. Fler foton här.

Ser fram emot att fira Samåkningsdagen med dig!

1 gillning

Maybe we could do something at my cafe Llama Lloyd after I close at 15.00? We’ll kick it off by doing the Civic Tech fika half-live and then maybe do something with the fact that Volvo are doing their stock emission stuff? I just read they sold 770 000 cars the last year, compared to 373000 in 2010 (Volvo-Cars - Nordnet). Maybe we should do a count from the cars driving out from Volvo somewhere and see how many people are sitting in each car?

Just a thought! :slight_smile:

1 gillning

Great! Let’s meet at your café @llamalloyd ! Would 16.00 work? Right after the Civic Tech Fika?

Me and Mattias decided that we’re doing it at 13.30, before the Civic tech-fika, lots of fika on Friday!

Väderkvarnsgatan 16. Welcome!